Paper Quiz: Tricky Trivia – Apps on Google Play
Compete in a new quiz format about rank, order and chronology. Challenge friends for bragging rights, or see how high you can climb against matched opponents in the rankings. Make a name for yourself in the world of newspapers and journalism, where both proud victories and humbling defeats will make the headlines. You might like Paper Quiz because: - It's a new style of trivia game, but all you need to bring along is what you already know. - It's a great way to learn by focusing on connections and relativity instead of arbitrary facts. - You can play both ranked games against matched opponents and unranked against friends. - The turn-based system lets you keep many parallel matches going, to play at your leisure. - You are thrown into the world of newspapers where the difference between facts and fake news will make or break your career. If you love trivia games, or if you're just curious to try something new and flex your brain power, Paper Quiz is the game for you.
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